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How To Break Soul Ties

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It can be hard to appreciate how important the people in our lives are.

Now, that might sound like an obvious thing to say, but consider just how many people we run into in our day-to-day lives. But you may start to ask how to break soul ties…

Some of us can meet upwards of a hundred people in a single day if we have busy lives, which makes the connections that we choose to make and reinforce that much more important to us.

How To Break Soul Ties

Sometimes, amongst the many important people in your life, you will find someone who just seems to be bound to you in some special type of way.

Whether they are a romantic partner or a best friend that you have an incredibly deep platonic relationship with. These special individuals have a special place in our hearts.

But more than that, they feel like they are connected to us beyond the simple chemicals in our brain or the blood pumping through our veins, beyond anything that is simply a bodily reaction.

It’s almost as if your spirits are intertwined in some way, and you find that you spend an incredible amount of time together that seems to go by in a flash whenever you are with each other.

This is what many people have come to know as a soul bond, and these often manifest in a significant other, that manages to become your other half. They are as close to magic as you can get on Earth.

But sometimes, for whatever reason, these bonds are just not meant to last. Or worse still, these bonds that keep you and your other together have somehow turned toxic, and the very thing that brought you together is now eating you alive, both physically and emotionally.

In this article, we are going to explain what exactly a soul tie is, and how to know that you are experiencing one. We’re also going to go over why you might want or need to break one of these sacred bonds, and how, if you must, go about doing that.

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What Exactly Is A Soul Tie?

So, before we go any further, we should probably explain what exactly a soul tie is. We waxed poetically a little about them in the introduction, but it is vital to know what exactly they are, to recognize them in yourself, and in others.

As we mentioned before, a soul tie is a connection between you and another person that goes beyond a simple love or affection.

For as long as people have existed, the concept of the human soul has been something that has been with us.

It is arguably a concept that unifies virtually all major religions, as most spiritual groups will have some general concept of what a soul entails and is, even if the wording or details are somewhat different between them.

A soul tie is often thought to occur between two people who have been intimate or had sex with each other. And whilst this is how many are formed, soul ties do not exist just between sexual partners.

Signs Of A Soul Tie

With this information, you might now be wondering how to tell if you have experienced a soul bond with someone else. Well, there are a few indicators that a connection unlike almost any other has been made with another person:

  • For whatever reason that cannot be explained by normal means, you feel that your soul is tied to another person. In many ways, it almost feels like a chord or a rope that is pulling you towards, like you are meant to be with them. In many ways, this aspect is very similar to the concept of a soulmate, someone who you have an almost immediate and strong connection with. However, it is so much more than that.
  • This person who you share a soul tie with will always be on your mind. When you are together when you are apart. Even in your dreams, you may find that this other person comes to you, and often more than once as well. It takes a special kind of soul to wander into your dreams!
  • You find that, even though you haven’t seen the other in so long, you are always on their mind. More than any other, this might be the factor that tells you to have a soul tie.

How To Break A Soul Tie

However, just because a tie feels right in spirit, doesn’t always mean that is always good in reality. Sometimes, these connections that hold us together can become toxic, and suddenly this magical connection becomes a crippling curse.

As we have explained in detail, a soul tie is a powerful connection that is not so easily dismissed. To do so would take a great amount of strength and willpower, and over a very long period.

Given that you are effectively trying to cut out what feels like a part of your soul, it might even feel incredibly painful.

Often breaking a soul tie will require both the focus and will to meditate for long periods, to correctly identify what the connection is and if it must be broken.

It is not uncommon, and is indeed encouraged if necessary, to consult a spiritual expert on this topic, to best guide you through this difficult time.

Then comes the truly difficult part: Deciding that this soul tie needs to be broken, that it needs to be let go of. This can often feel like the most difficult part, and there’s no easy solution to getting through it.

Seek help from either a spiritual expert and make sure to lean on your other bonds with people. You’ll need it.

Final Thoughts

A soul tie is something that no one wants to see go. Make sure that you know that it is best for you before you decide to go down this difficult path.

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