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The Narcissist’s Secret Weapon

* I generally write using the pronouns he/him when referring to narcissists, but females are just as likely to be narcissists or exhibit narcissistic traits. So please don't think just because article uses the word him or he that it could not be a woman in that same role.

All narcissists have one secret weapon that supersedes all others.

The most potent weapon narcissists have by far is their ability to avoid acknowledging how precarious their existence is on a day-to-day basis.

When many narcissists were children their caregivers did not give them requisite emotional nourishment to develop and function properly. The ramifications of a narcissist being “malnourished emotionally” are significant.

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For instance, many adult narcissist’s interpersonal relationships are negatively impacted by him or her……

  • inability to trust others
  • pathological fear of intimacy
  • reflexive utilization of maladaptive coping mechanisms

In order to get an idea of how important attention is to the narcissist, I think the following analogy is fitting………

Oxygen is to a normal person as attention is to a narcissist. Unless the narcissist has an unceasing connection to the attention provision module, the narcissist will not have the “psychological oxygen” to survive.

Just as a lack of oxygen causes a normal person to go into pulmonary arrest, a lack of attention will send a narcissist into a depleted emotional state such that he or she psychologically withers.

The narcissist must get emotional sustenance from outside sources because of his or her lack of ego strength. The narcissist’s lack of ego strength is a serious issue with profound consequences.

Normal people do not realize how easily the narcissist’s ego can be ruptured or bruised due to his or her psychic……..

  • fragility
  • brittleness
  • impotence

Many normal people may lament how their former narcissist relationship partner’s rather than behave and communicate like adults and work through issues instead………

  • go silent
  • “go ghost”
  • duplicitous begin grooming a potentially more compliant attention provision module

The narcissist’s sneak tactics and passive- aggressive maneuvers have nothing to do with psychological potency and everything to do with……………..

  • a total lack of stability
  • utter powerlessness
  • being devoid of any semblance of control

The narcissist will likely never openly admit that he or she knows something is off kilter, even though their life histories reflect that something is clearly amiss.

Rather than be emotionally honest, narcissists will lie to themselves, and rationalize that an abundance of problems are somebody else’s fault.

The narcissist seems to inevitably put him or herself in a perpetual double bind whereby he or she recognizes there is a problem; however, the narcissist is unable to admit to the problem —lest he or she be psychologically annihilated

According to many narcissists’ world views, it’s better to avoid showing humility and sincerity as that would allegedly expose him or her to being taken advantage of by the very people who do care.

Consequently, the narcissist feels it’s imperative to be fake, not real.

Hence the narcissist is prone to behave……..

  • fake strong to not appear weak
  • fake nonchalant to not appear anxious
  • fake nice to not appear bitter and cynical

The narcissist creates a loop or cycle where during each step of a process, they out think themselves and choose the exact wrong thing to do rather than do exact right thing.

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The upshot of what I call “narcissistic looping” is that the narcissist invariably chooses the easy wrong path and they end up gravitating to the very people who do not care and repulsing those that do.

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1 thought on “The Narcissist’s Secret Weapon”

  1. I’m currently dealing with narcissists right now stalking me with military arsenal from the sky that tracks me wherever I go causing health issues they are mentally communicating along with surveillance and the military grandios malignant narcissist is in charge of all the covert narcissists and flying monkeys that help them target empaths I’ve been dealing with narcissists right now going on 13 years I worked for a grandios malignant and flying monkey co-workers construction company that told me to turn in my company work truck because work was slow and they lied about that and called my covert narcissist ex wife and said that they had to let me go and they lied about work being slow and we have two daughters together 9 years apart and they are adults now and my family members mother and brother and sister were supposed to help me out with my divorce process but instead they helped with the premeditated smear campaign and narcissistic abuse manipulation mind games and tactics and I was sent by ambulance to Hoag hospital and my sister signed a death certificate 12 years ago and they made me homeless after going through narcissistic abuse manipulation mind games and tactics and I had no choice but to leave my mother and brothers house and ask my soon to be ex wife if I could move into one of their family owned properties where I live now and I didn’t know I was dealing with narcissists until just about a year ago and my mother and brother and sister have been no contact other than a few times and I’m dealing with extremely dangerous narcissists right now stalking me with military arsenal from the sky they are stars that are lower than the moon that follows me wherever I go causing health issues I have skin cancer appointments every 3 months and I have a Neurology appointment scheduled and a vascular appointment scheduled and I’m reaming single and independent and retired and staying focused on my health issues that are being caused by the military grandios malignant narcissist and the other narcissists that are involved there is corruption of justice involved and politics and political power over honesty and the United States of America justice system department is failing the United States of American citizens and taxpayers money all due to narcissism and my insurance provider is also paying for my doctors appointments our divorce process took 6 years and my ex wife agreed with her attorney that I live here still on the property and she’s property tenant magement and doesn’t take care of her responsibilities I’ve lived here going on 11 years now they think by using military arsenal from the sky that tracks me wherever I go causing health issues they will be able to dupe me out of everything that I own and a place to live with no court involved but that’s not going to happen and if I do move they will just keep stalking me from the sky to a different location there’s a lot more to my story I’m keeping it brief. God-bless.

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