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7 mistakes people make when dealing with a narcissist

    * I generally write using the pronouns he/him when referring to narcissists, but females are just as likely to be narcissists or exhibit narcissistic traits. So please don't think just because article uses the word him or he that it could not be a woman in that same role.

    Narcissists are a cut above the rest when it comes to sadism, drama and much a do for nothing.

    Therefore, the biggest mistake that one could make dealing with a narcissist includes among these:

    1.Insulting them back.

    Not unless it is very necessary to defend yourself, you should never insult back a narcissist. They have no class and will just insult you in front of people that you don’t want to see you fight.

    2. Give in to their manipulation.

    Narcissists are very manipulative and will use every trick in the book to try and get your attention. They will lie, cheat and seduce you to have their way. After they get what they want from you, they will ditch you and leave you out to dry.

    If you need a crisis hotline or want to learn more about therapy, please see below:

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    3. Tell them of how much you have been through.

    Being the psychopaths that they are, they will not even care. They only see themselves and they are the only ones that have been through something. They will never care what pains that you have had to deal with to get to where you are.That will just break your heart.

    4. Cry before them.

    They will marvel at your tears because they love seeing people sad. It makes them happy to push you to the limits until you cry yourself to sleep. Never ever cry when dealing with narcissists.

    5. Expect them to reciprocate.

    Narcissists just take and take and hardly show gratitude. They are never willing to be open minded enough to also give you something. They quickly forget how nice you have been to them.

    6.Fall in love in the process.

    I mean, seriously, the only time that you should love a narcissists is when you never knew that they were narcissists. If you know, forget all that, “women love bad boys” and “men love bad girls”. That is a whole bunch of nonsense when dealing with narcissists.

    7. Make promises.

    Narcissists are very funny. They ignore you until you start telling them sweet things and all of a sudden, they want to talk to you. They are very manipulative indeed and they speak these languages: money, sex and a good free life. I totally detest people that only take me seriously when I have something to offer.

    If you need a crisis hotline or want to learn more about therapy, please see below:

    For more information on mental health, please see:

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