September 2022

Can An Abuser Make Amends?

One of the most asked questions regarding abuse, is whether or not abusers can make amends. We’ve all heard the saying ‘a tiger never changes his stripes’, but does this actually apply to the situation at hand? So, Can An Abuser Make Amends? The fact of the matter is that real change takes time, and

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Is Stonewalling Abuse?

Stonewalling, better known as “freezing” or “the silent treatment,” is an incredibly common behavior enacted in familial, platonic, and romantic relationships. There are a variety of possible causes that may trigger an instance of stonewalling, which is part of the reason it’s so prevalent. But, Is Stonewalling Abuse? In fact, almost everyone will have played

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How To Report Sexual Abuse

Whatever age you are and the time at which the abuse has occurred, it can be a very destructive form of abuse that takes many forms, which can lead to mental health problems associated with the trauma. In this article you will learn how to report sexual abuse. You want to live your life without

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What Is Emotional Safety?

We often go about our lives without thinking about the people in our lives and their significance to our mental health, as there might be some relationships you adore and some that have you doubting yourself often. What Is Emotional Safety? This might result from being in past relationships that have made you question your

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Why Do Abuse Victims Stay?

From an outside perspective, it can be very easy to look at somebody who is in an abusive relationship and wonder why they don’t just leave. So, Why Do Abuse Victims Stay? It is incredibly naïve to think this, something that only someone on the outside could think. There are lots of reasons why victims

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